Fitting Instructions


Thank you for purchasing a HSD. They are the perfect way to safely store and display your crash helmet, and if it's wet it will allow it to dry out better than leaving it on a shelf or in a cupboard. They are constructed from lasercut 304 and 316 stainless steel and have a white oak mount to further enhance the appearance.


First carefully remove the brass screws from the base plate releasing it from the oak mount. The oak mount can then be fitted using the 5mm countersunk holes supplied or if these are not in a suitable place drill some more in a place of your choice using the following method.

Place low tack masking tape on the face of the oak, locate the base plate screw holes and  reattach the base plate, then draw round the base plate to obtain an outline. Remove the base plate and choose at least two positions where you can drill suitable 5mm holes that the base plate will cover one it has been replaced, then counersink holes to suit suppled scews.

Once the oak mount has been attached in the desired position refit the base plate. Fit the 12mm bar in the socket on the base plate and tighten the 4mm grub screw with the 2mm supplied allen key, taking care to locate the dimple in the shaft and not to over tighten.

Care of your new product

The HSD only needs an occasional  wipe with a damp cloth to keep clean. The oak mount can be recoated with teak oil to regain the new apperance if desired.